How To Reset the Brother DR360 Drum Unit

 How To Reset the Brother DR360 Drum UnitA simple but key piece of Brother drum installation is the resetting process.  Many consumers purchase the various machines without being aware of how this process works and often this can put production at a stand still.  It is important to note that your printer or fax machine has to be reset after each installation of a new DR360 drum.  The printer or fax will not recognize the new drum until this reset has been done.

Brother Laser Printers:  Be sure the machines is on and the drum LED is blinking.  Open the cartridge front door.  Press and hold the GO button for 4 seconds until all your LEDs come to life.  When all of these are lit up, release the GO button.  Close the door and the counter is now reset.

Brother DCP Machines:  Once replacement of the drum unit takes place, keep the front door open and power is on.  Push CLEAR/ BACK on the display panel.  Confirm you are using a new by pressing the UP ARROW key.  This will bring up  ACCEPTED, close the cover and the counter is reset.

Brother MFC Machines: Replace the old drum and keep the front cover open and be sure power is on.  Press CLEAR/ BACK on your display panel.  Confirm a new drum is being used by pressing 1, and look for the word ACCEPTED to come up.  Close your front cover and the counter is reset.

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