Recycle Your Drum Cartridges

 Recycle Your Drum CartridgesRecycling is always an important topic and when it comes to our printer supplies the drum unit can often be a hard item to recycle.  The drum unit because after the toner cartridge it is the second most replaced part of the printer. Please keep in mind that throwing printer parts directly to the trash, greatly affect our environment. The question then is, why not recycle them and thus give a better place to rest or keep working or whatever their fate shall be.

Take a moment to research online, there are a number of places that will recycle your drum units and pay you for them.  You can get an account with them and they pay for shipping cost and refund a small amount for your trash. Many vendors have taken steps towards making their remanufactured products 100% guaranteed and offer a recycling solution.

Using remanufactured and compatible drum units not only saves the environment but saves your pocket from loneliness. The incredible difference between OEM and remanufactured it’s only the price.

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